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Stuck at scanning windows devices


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It freezes on startup at scanning windows devices then locks my entire system up to the point i have to hold the power button down.  It seems to screw with the hard drives ability to work because it keeps corrupting my game settings n such as well.  If i uninstall aida64 there are no problems at all.  This worked fine with this system then i did a clean install of windows 10 anniversary and now its nothing but trouble.  It will literally break the start menu and keep me from even trying to shut down.  Is there a way to tell what device its freezing on and causing problems with?

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Asus x99 deluxe

Asus Gtx 1080 Strix

Samsung 256gb M.2 SSD

Crucial 256gb SSD

Sandisk 1tb SSD


2x Western Digital 3TB HDD

Hitachi 2TB HDD


No raid arrays, there wasn't any problem until i did a clean install of windows 10 pro and all of a sudden this started happening.  Hardware has not changed between installs.  Used aida64 for over a year before that with 0 problems.


EDIT:  There is something very strange going on here.  If i go into my bios and disable a hard drive it will load fine.  I restart with the same hard drive disabled to test it and it gets stuck again.  It goes through if i recently disabled a drive but then the next restart its back to locking up again?  It doesn't matter which drive i disable it seems to do this and i strongly doubt all my drives magically started having problems over night.

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