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Question about Aida64


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I'm wondering as a technician can I use this software on multiple client computers? To run diognostics on their computers if i gethe the engineer package.

On the website it says that the business package includes everything engineer offers. So if I plan on utilizing Aida64 I can purchase the business package and be able to do all that I want on my personal computers and run diognostics on any PC I'm working on... is that correct?

Also, is there a portable version available?

Thanks in advance

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You need the Engineer edition for such purposes. A single Engineer license will entitle you to use AIDA64 on any client's computers for diagnostics or troubleshooting purposes. Your client however will not be able to keep using AIDA64 for his purposes.

Yes, we do have a portable version for all AIDA64 editions.



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Okay. So the business package does not come with the engineering rights to do what I want.

Correct. Business edition is typically for a single company or organization, used to audit and monitor their full network of computers.

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