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What exactly does "hardware failure detected" mean?


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In order to figure out why my new PC is crashing in game (only playing the new Wow Legion at the moment), I reached out for tools. AIDA64 has been around a lot, so I grabbed the new version and ran its System Stability Test. 16 minutes in, it stopped with an ominous "Warning: Hardware failure detected! Test stopped". However, googling around didn't really reveal what this was triggered by.


Is this maybe an unexpected access violation trapped by an SEH handler? Is it that you're issuing I/O calls during the 100% CPU usage and one of them failed in a weird way? Are you monitoring voltages and something changed drastically? I don't even know that it would help me in my next steps (randomly replace components in the computer? ugg), but I'm curious, and information rarely hurts.


Inquiring minds want to know!


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It means either the CPU made a calculation mistake, or the memory or cache subsystem failed to load a value from your memory. It's such an issue that is impossible to track down any further, since all we can see during the stress test workload is that the calculation didn't end up with the right result. In such cases it's usually due to excessive overclocking or improper (too strict) memory timings setting.



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