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G15 LCD small fonts broken


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I've been using AIDA64 to show system information (temperatures, fan speeds, etc) on the LCD screen on a Logitech G15 keyboard. The automatic update I just did today seems to have broken the display of very small text. 6 and 8 point, in particular. Whereas before it was perfectly readable (using whatever the default font was, I don't know what it was set to) with the recent update, it's quite a bit less clear. The font now is Tahoma, though I don't know if the update changed it or not.

This is how my fonts looked in August (the last time I took a photo of the LCD): http://imgur.com/VnLYPhE

This is how they look after the AIDA64 update: http://imgur.com/kJmGUwP

It looks to me like something in the update has drastically changed how text is rendered on the G15 LCD, and not for the better. :(

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Thank you. After upgrading to the latest AIDA64 version of 5.80, did you change anything about your LCD configuration in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / LCD Items?  Did you change anything else about your Windows setup that may have removed the original font used before? I'm pretty sure it wasn't Tahoma before, since that font doesn't support font size 6. Do you happen to have a previous backup of your AIDA64 settings that may reveal the font used before?

BTW, the update wasn't supposed to change any of your existing settings, including your LCD layout. However, in case the font previously configured was removed from your Windows installation (due to e.g. upgrading from Win7 to WIn10), AIDA64 may have reverted back to the default font of Tahoma. And if you change your LCD layout settings after that automatic font change, then AIDA64 would save Tahoma as the font into your LCD layout, effectively removing the name of the font that you used previously :(

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I did change a couple of the entries, trying to figure out what was wrong. :( But that was only after I already noticed it was messed up, after the AIDA64 upgrade. Do you know if there are any "standard" fonts that support 6 and 8 pt? I know it was a variable-width font before. I don't think I'd set a font specifically, I think I was just using the default? Did the default change or something?

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