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AIDA64 v5.80 SensorPanel regressions


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In AIDA64 5.75 I could configure the SensorPanel to update every second. Now in 5.80 the minimum seems to be 5 seconds. This is a regression in functionality. What is the reason for this?

In AIDA64 5.75, I had dozens of temperature readings for motherboard, disks, CPU cores, GPU, etc. 13 in total I think. Now I have only 2 left in 5.80. This breaks my SensorPanel. This is a regression in functionality. Any idea why?


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None of those is normal. Have you tried to restart your computer after upgrading to AIDA64 v5.80?  It seems as if the kernel driver of AIDA64 cannot be loaded right now. That can easily cause a sluggish update rate and missing sensor readings. Usually a Windows restart fixes such issues.

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