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2 GPU's ,just 1 temp


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Hey guys,

i got a very similar problem as the guy in this topic :

Well except for the identical GPU;

I got an Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H mainboard of the first rev. with an integrated ATI HD4290 and added a ATI HD5870, now my problem is:

AIDA 64 Extreme just detects the integrated GPU (and i do need all the Display ports, so i cant just deactivate the integrated one).

Anyone got any solution to this, and no the latest beta's didnt help...?

Thanks in advance ;)

Cheers, Tobbel

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Do you mean AIDA64 only detects one GPU on the Display / GPU page?

Or you mean AIDA64 only measures one GPU temperature on the Computer / Sensor page? If the latter, then it's normal, since most IGP chips do not feature a thermal diode.

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