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high CPU-GPU temperatures


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Hello, i got a problem with temperatures readings (i hope it's that). AIDA (and other tools too) show 75°C for the CPU and 60 for the GPU; this happens with both a minimum and a 100% usage.

If i disable the network adapter (or if i disconnect the ethernet cable or try to update or remove drivers) the temperatures drop to 45° and 30°; the same happens if i try to stress the GPU (CPU temperatures go down to 45). For the rest of the time the reading is 75° for CPU (68 on single cores) and 60 for GPU.

The sensor is Nuvoton NCT6776F  (ISA 290h); CPU AMD FX-8320; GPU msi r9 380 2gb; motherboard ASROCK 970 exteme3.

Thanks in advance if you'll decide to respond.

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On ‎2016‎. ‎12‎. ‎02‎. at 7:13 PM, hideki93 said:

I found this one

issch.exe InstallShield Update Service Scheduler (32 bit) do you know this?

It takes 13-14% of cpu usage. Apart from that there are two dozens chrome pages i always leave open; those influences the sensor too i believe.

That process belongs to a software installer. Try to kill that process, restart Windows, and check if it gets running again. If it does, then you need to find out what causes that process being launched automatically, without starting any new software installations.

Keeping dozens of web browser pages open may put a toll on system memory allocation, but it shouldn't cause any significant CPU or GPU load.

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