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Need inifile example

Aron Curzon

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The command line documenation says a inifile can be provided to use custom preferences but there is no documentation or examples of how to write the ini file


/INIFILE <inifile>

This option can be used to get AIDA64 to use a custom preferences file instead of its default AIDA64.INI. This option is useful when e.g. different e-mail or SQL connection options should be used on different AIDA64 launch instances.

The default aida64.ini is very basic and doesn't describe what additional preferences can be provided in the ini file.



Additionally aida64.ini only seems to come with the self extract installers and not the portable zip versions.

Can anyone provide documentation of what preferences can be specified in the ini file?

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You can simply take any AIDA64.INI file as the basis for your customizations.  If you don't have such a file on your system (in the AIDA64 folder), simply open the Preferences (AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences), and press the OK button. It will create the default AIDA64.INI file in the AIDA64 folder then.


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