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Sensor data to com port. (arduino)

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I'm planning to display tempereture data  with my arduino on a 4x20 lcd. Is there any way to make AIDA64 to send only the selected values to a com port, or something similar? I couldn't find anything in the lcd settings that could work or any topic that was working on it.

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Since you're doing both the hardware and software (interface/API) development, maybe the most convenient solution would be to develop a protocol that is compatible with an existing alphanumeric LCD protocol, like CrystalFontz, LCD2USB or Matrix Orbital. That way your solution would be compatible with not just AIDA64 but other LCD software as well.

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    • By Roy
      it would be nice if there was the possibility to send sensor values unformatted as a number or percentage, via a serial port.
      Similar to the LCD displays, only without formatting, or pure numbers with separators.
      Together with a small GUI.
      Background is the simple evaluation of the data with a microcontroller and display in different ways.
      I imagine not only LCD or OLED, but rather seven segment display, nixi tubes or an analog pointer display. That would create a lot of possibilities.
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