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ASRock X99 BIOS 3.30 - CPU Power wrong


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I recently upgraded to BIOS 3.30 on my ASRock X99 Fatal1ty Professional motherboard.  I have a 5960x CPU.  I have used AIDA64 for a few years - on an I7-4770k and now for a couple of years on my 5960x.

Since I upgraded BIOS and other ASRock drivers, the Power tab does not show watts for the CPU package - I used this regularly to see what impact altering CPU voltage had.  Where it would show 40 - 185 watts it now sits at bottom of scale with a .59 - .61 reading...  Everything else seems fine - GPU power looks OK.

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Maybe the BIOS configures the RAPL parameters incorrectly.  Please try to apply an offset of 0 and a ratio of 100 (100x multiplier) in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / Correction on the CPU power measurement.  Let me know if it works out.  If not, maybe a ratio of 128 would work out?

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I entered the ratio of 100 - the moved the value from .61 to 61.  That is not the problem however.  The power value doesn't change with CPU load - idle would be lower than 60 watts and 100% CPU load would be 160 watts - the value just stays flat line at 60-61 regardless of Vcore .8 at idle; 1.20 at load and temps 20c - 25c at idle; 65c - 70c at load.

Again, the hardware is 2 years old and there has been no change other than drivers and BIOS...obviously there is significant change in power driving the temperature change.  All values look normal except CPU Package power.


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