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3yr Maintenance renewal not recognized


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You need to enter your new license key in AIDA64 / main menu / Help / Enter Product Key. If it still doesn't work after entering your product key, then close AIDA64, try to remove any instances of the file called PKEY.TXT from your system, and enter the key again. Let me know how it goes.


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Hi Fiery,
I have removed the PKEY.TXT from the install folder location and re-entered my license.  When I do, I get an error message stating License is not valid for this version of AIDA64.  Your AIDA64 maintenance period has expired. 

Is the PKEY.TXT found elsewhere aside for the installation folder? Do I need to find an older version of AIDA64 to install first?



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PKEY.TXT is either saved into the installation folder of AIDA64; or into your Local AppData folder, under FinalWire\AIDA64 folder there. Example:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\FinalWire\AIDA64

You need to check if you have a PKEY.TXT file at either location, and remove them both. However, in case while you're entering your product key you immediately get an error message, it means the key you're trying to enter is not the new key, but your old key. If you want to verify your key, send it to me in private message, and I'll let you know when did you purchase that particular license.

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