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Alignment for displayed OSD values in Rivatuner OSD Server[1.70.1426]


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Hi Fiery,

Its really happy to see the feature of displaying osd values directly to Rivatuner OSD server ( and also other OSD servers dervied from it). We gamers here are so delighted to see it.

I want to see one more option in it. Will there be an option to align the osd values according to the categories with their corresponding labels? Ill give an example below,



MEM:Mem speed.

Currently all these above mentioned values are displayed vertically one after the other.

Waitng for your reply Fiery :)

post-76-038986600 1306892203_thumb.jpg

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We do have plans about improving the Rivatuner OSD Server support in future revisions of AIDA64. I'll let you know in this topic once we have news about those improvements. However, we're currently very busy developing major new AIDA64 features and implementing support for the upcoming AMD and VIA processors, hence I cannot give you a timeframe about the Rivatuner OSD Server improvement at this time :)

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Thanks for the reply Fiery, atleast its there in the to do list, ill be waiting for those support, Because it will be a major boost to the number of users who use AIDA :) The reason is currently there is no other software in this world to effeiceintly monitor all those hardware details while gaming. Its not only used to monitor hardware monitoring, but it will be great for gamers to debug system usage in games...

Thanks once again

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