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Asus P5G41C-M LX sensor reading


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Thank you for the data. Please upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Let me know how it works.



Thanks for the updates.

Voltage were corrected and aux were removed but the cpu temperature is different from pc probeII. When I run the sensor dump, at bottom part of dump it displays the cpu temperature where in the value is equal to the pc probeII.

I've attached another screenshot and sensordump

post-605-066067300 1307480589_thumb.jpg


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We've fixed the CPU temperature. Please upgrade to the following new beta release of AIDA64 Extreme Edition:

Thanks you've fixed it. Sorry for the late feedback.

I'm just wondering, what does vbat means? Is it the voltage of the battery in the motherboard. If so, it seems to be wrong cause it should be around 3.3V but the sensor displays vbat is 0.576V.

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VBAT should the battery, but apparently your motherboard does not monitor the battery. You can verify that in the BIOS Setup. We'll remove the VBAT reading on your motherboard in the next AIDA64 beta release.

Thank you for the feedback ;)

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