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Problem with nvidia-driver 275.33: no GPU temps


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since yesterday i have a problem with my g19 display.

there are not shown the temperatures from my graphicscard.

post-610-023390800 1307024608_thumb.png

i try to install the graphicsdriver without aida64 is running. => problem is unsolved

then i deinstalled aida64 and install it new => problem is unsolved

hope you could help me


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installed the beta, sensors worked before restarting windows.

after restarting sensors are gone again.

version was v1.70.400

so i deinstalled aida and copy the files from the zip directly in the "finalwire" directory and restart windows again.

works! :)

current version of aida64 is now "v1.70.1426 beta".

p.s. using windows 7(64bit)

thanks for fast help! :(

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