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How many times should Aida64 find the same USB devices???!!!

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I just reinstalled Windows 10 pro 64 and Aida64 (at least I believe its Aida64) is detecting USB devices like crazy. Every few seconds it finds 4 or 5 SuperSpeed USB Hubs. Doesn't all hardware show a serial number or equivalent, and can't you get the app to stop up, think a few milliseconds and notice that and maybe give me a warning?

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That's definitely not normal.  Do you mean that while you have AIDA64 running, Windows 10 pops up message boxes about finding new USB hubs every few seconds?  If yes, then do you have all Windows 10 updates applied, and have you tried to restart Windows?

Also, do you have an external USB device connected to your PC that's not a mouse or keyboard?  Printer, external card reader, flash drive, external HDD/SSD?

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