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ASRock's fan controller sensor trouble


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* I'm sorry I'm bad at English...

I'm using ASRock Z68 Pro3.

this has 6 fan connectors and 2 of those are CPU's.

problem 1.

basically, AIDA64 can't sense a fan.

AIDA can sense that when AXTU (ASRock's monitoring tool) is running.

and if AXTU would be closed, AIDA can't sense again.

problem 2.

two values of CPU fans are sensed by turns.

if only fan has connected, value is flickering.

(no problem on AXTU.)

post-623-008634800 1307463765_thumb.png

post-623-054413400 1307463772_thumb.png

* I guess that Z68 Extreme4 has same trouble. that has same fan-system.

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Certain ASRock boards use a special GPIO based fan muxing logic that only ASRock's own software can handle properly. We've put a lot of efforts into using the same fan mux switches in AIDA64, but we had no luck implementing it.

So I'm afraid you need to rely on ASRock's AXTU application to measure all fan speeds. With AIDA64 you can measure 4 fans out of 6 on your motherboard, since the rest of the 2 fans are muxed :)

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