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AIDA: Order of sensor icons after Windows Restart

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I am using the latest release of AIDA on Windows 10 Pro (1703). I activated the sensor icons for CPU temp and CPU core ratio, in total 8 icons (4 CPU temps and 4 CPU core ratio).
My processor is an Intel 4770K.

Everything wors nice except one little issue: After booting my machine, the order of the sensor icons is not correct. I can only see one processor core and one CPU ratio value.

The other values are "hidden" - see attached screenshot. Other programs I use (e.g. Crystal Disk Info) don't have this issue and show all values next to each other.

If I arrange the icons manually and restart my system the order is lost with the next  restart.


Is there a workaround for Aida?aida.thumb.JPG.8a8b70238881fc8d6bb5689610668979.JPG




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Unfortunately AIDA64 (and other Windows software as well) has no control over the order of System Tray icons.  You cannot rearrange them in any ways from software.  You can show them or hide them, that's all.  Everything else is taken care of by Windows itself.

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