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Sending monitoring stats to microcontrollers


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I want to control some nixie tubes(a vintage tube for displaying some number or symbol)by a microcontroller such as an Arduino to display my on-time hardware stats,,,

Is there anything I can do with AIDA64?

Maybe some way to send the monitoring stats through the usb-to-serialport converter then into my Arduino?XD

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It would definitely require either:

1) You develop a firmware/program for your microcontroller to suit one of the existing external LCD display protocols that AIDA64 supports.  For example, you can choose the Pertelian or Matrix Orbital protocol. They're both widely used in 3rd party displays. One advantage of this path is that for test runs you can use either AIDA64 or LCD Smartie while you develop your protocol, and you don't necesserily need any input from us, neither you need to wait for us to alter AIDA64 to make sure it works with your display.

2) We (you + us) come up with a proprietary protocol, one that is the most suitable for your display.  However, in order to do this, we may need to develop a device emulator or have a sample of the final version of the hardware that you're developing.  This one is a much more difficult solution, since it requires a lot of efforts on both ends (you + us).

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