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On 9/30/2020 at 10:30 AM, PaFFinGers said:

Fiery are u here ? beacause i search far for this Stirke7api.dll but i never found this ... pliz help me i need contiue to use Aida64 with my strike. before i use with my logitech g15 but it's more easy with g15 ^^ 

Help me guy <3 Thx to help me !!!!

The download link in the opening post should still work.

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3 hours ago, Epicunicat said:

Hey guys sorry to revive an old thread.....

I was wondering  if anyone had working s9ftware for the strike 7 and if the aida64 still works.... I've found several site with the software download but I can't get it to work

AIDA64 should still work.

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hola, soy de argentina, tengo este mismo problema, alguien sabe si se puede usar la pantalla del strike 7 para mostrar mas informacion que la que viene por defecto? gracias


hi, i have the same problem!

I can't find anywhere the STRIKE7 SDK or the Strike7api.dll!

I don't know how to run Aida64 on my Strike7

Please help

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29.12.2021 в 19:47, Огненный сказал:

Ссылка для скачивания во вступительном посте должна работать.

После перехода по ссылке эффективная ошибка 404, ссылка не работает

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