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Reporting incorrect video memory (Galaxy GeForce GTS 450)


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It definitely is great to obtain a call from Lee up at NHS that starts with, "Hey Rhino, you have to visit Australia for 2 primary days when using the Creach crew?" The apparent the truth is, ". You think about it 'til you have to pack and obtain round the plane.

 Any lottery pick of team riders applying this crew is rad, combined with best complete skateboard for beginners and the winning figures now were Navarrette, Partanen, Gravette, Bingaman, Hooker, newest team rider Ryan Reyes, and special Fiend Emmanuel Guzman. The road was Melbourne to Queensland, two vans, mega demos, when much piss if you could drink in route.

But there is a small wrench thrown for the plan, like in the event you ignore certain needs, or when the true info on the trip aren't discussed when you arrive. Additional Aimers, photographers, and 2 vans engrossed in Creature stickers advertising the Australian tour? Extra demos and BBQs and shop signings?

 Therefore we all still find it only a Aiming trip for that approaching Creature vid. Still, presently when some skateboard companies can't even have the ability to escape town, these wrenches are super simple to use. It's a extended way if you want to stone.


The factor that was the marriage pro demo you attended like a kid?

Negligence material Impact Tour--probably 1988--in Dayton's Mall, downtown Minneapolis. There's a vert ramp plus a small street course obtaining a couple of launch ramps. The place was packed. Within the eating some hotdogs, and then we left and went skating downtown.

 The city was flooded with skaters. I had been skating within the mall and experienced Make the most of Kendall because they was departing. Hell yeah i had been hyped! We just saw Kendall!

Do you realize it had been a demo trip?

I really didn't know. I believed it had been our regular Creature journeys where we'd go skate rad spots and shoot and movie our adventure individually. But number.. Not now. When we have got inside the plane, these two cars with "Creature Australian Tour 2012" plastered over the sides selected us up. I said it loud: "When the don't say demo throughout it, I am unsure just how much does.In . The amount of demos what's about before arriving australia?

I heard we ought to do three, however the handful of them were only shop signings.

And the amount of have you'll have to do?

They reversed it here. It switched out that people had thee slow days, and people were the driving days! It started when the cars selected us up transporting out a 13-hour flight and informed us that people really required to perform a shop signing plus a demo that round-the-clock. what size skateboard should i get

That you think all your blood stream stream goes transporting out a 13-hour flight? For your ankles! Now go and jump lower to produce! No lie, we actually did three demos immediately.

Describe an unofficial demo situation regarding this trip. The factor that was track of the BBQs?

I had been informed the demos is often more in the meet-and-greet. This family appears and states, "Rad, man! We drove seven hrs later on watch everybody!"

I believed to myself, "They drove seven hrs to check out us eat hotdogs?Inch

What's the worst question someone can inquire within the demo?

"Why your gaming character so much better than you?"

What's your go-to trick within the demo?

Is acting just like a team manager a trick?

The factor that was the most effective demo over the trip?

Belconnen skatepark. A1 and Eman nicknamed me the Demo God. I used to be just bummed the factor I chosen over skate was before 100 people, which day was really the only day we are able to exist because we'd another meet-and-greet BBQ each morning. I simply selected over ride it badly that individuals guess I shut it lower.

Combined with the worst?

I guess Newcastle. Some 10-year-old kid stole my board, nevertheless it genuinely was kind of rad. I simply started running, full-on Forrest Gump style, when using the whole demo following behind me. All the kids were yelling, "We're gonna kill him!" We thought she got away, however a random lady goes, "Pardon me, I saw the whole factor," and suggests a fat kid. Just what a ruler! The little snot-noser denied it initially, however he pulled numerous broken cigarettes from his pocket and started crying.

 He stated some older dude and 2 chicks told him they'd supply him with with cigarettes if he stole a board on their own account. To ensure that might have really got typically the most popular demo, because it meant not receiving to complete before 300 kids.

Next time you need to Australia, how can the trip come lower?

We're gonna go concurrently as Tony Hawk so nobody may even know we're there.


I obtained hungry and visit a 7-11 across within the hotel on one wet night in Newcastle. They'd these little sausage things referred to as 420 Party Rolls. I wasn't planning on buying them, however observed you will notice a cartoon within the skateboarding bird wearing a bib over the package i understood it absolutely was future. I obtained Them and saved the therapy lamp.

 Over the yesterday inside the tour, Duncan (our Aussie friend and driver for that trip) emerged and did the outline work, a couple of within the crew (Rhino, Darren, Al, Noah, and Gravette) contributed somewhat ink for your designated zones. It's funny: The whole factor got infected besides the outline, but no lower were ruffled and in addition it switched out tight!--Guzman


Ryan's one of the easiest skaters to go to somewhere with. He proven towards acquiring a Mr Rogers sweater on, he'll get creeped out by silverware, and he'd rather sleep on the floor more than a bed. No under he saves us money on resort rooms. Also, he loves shitty radio music and may obtain a grin on his face when vulnerable to eight-hour drive before us.

"Eight hrs? Really? I am unable to restrain!In . Nothing seems to daunt him. It had been kind of his first trip when using the Creature guys. Darren nicknamed him "Fire Starter" because he'd visit anywhere and rip. He's doing what he's doing and doesn't care. Does he have issues? Yeah, but that's why him unique the best skateboards!


1 He'll get drank round the plane and provide all over the aisle

2 Will shut lower the demos with Indiana 360s, fly-outs, and back flips

3 Most likely to piss on someone else's luggage inside the accommodation

4 Tales for just about any day or two inside the van

 5 You'll witness him scorpion no under 10 occasions per trip

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Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Video Debug --> nVIDIA GPU Registers. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first.


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