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Aida64 and AMD Vega

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Apologies if the topic has already been dealt - I am new here. And sorry about my English - german user. First Question: looks like Aidia could not read any of the temperatur sensors of Vega. Is that right? Second question: Aida show me always 100% GPU-fan, even if it rotates with 10% (according to GPU-Z and MSI Afterburner). Does anyone know the problem and a solution?  It may only appear in the German version?

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We've only recently managed to acquire a Vega test card that we can use to improve the GPU diagnostic capabilities of AIDA64.  We're already working on the issues you've mentioned, as well as a few other Vega related matters.  I'll post a message into this topic once a new beta build of AIDA64 becomes available for download ;) 

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