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FPU/GPU Stress Test (i7-7700K + GTX 1070)


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Hi, I have a alienware 15r3 laptop with a 7700k chip and 1070 GPU.  When I run aida64 on FPU/GPU my temps get really hot more so then other test I run (OCCT/heaven) and I'm trying to figure out if its something I need to be concerned about. I have even played BF1 for an hour and never broke 78C.  I've also ran FPU and GPU by themselves and normally get decent temps (78C/65C).  This is with ambient temps around 23C.

I know the heatsink of this laptop is a tripod design covering both the GPU/CPU and has had a lot of complaints about thermals. 



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As long as your CPU works stable at those high temperature levels, and your CPU isn't throttling, you have nothing to worry about.  AIDA64 System Stability Test -- especially its FPU subtest -- puts the worst case scenario on your system, so it's normal that it heats up immensely during the test.

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