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With your part from Richie Valdez' Skate Picture And then the Welcome to Ambiguous video, you were pretty much introduced via the Internet.

This was the first things I'd out there A great deal of people saw. Thrasher Place a link into the Skate Movie part. A lot of people saw it if it was posted by Thrasher, although I was a bit nervous about having all my footage at a movie that is local. http://www.cross.tv/blog/77316

Subsequently the movie fell.

You had some gnarly stuff that people Would try to spare to get a DVD.

If I believe it's a trick that's gont endure the Test of time, like to get a year or so, I will save it. Ambig was backing mepretty hard so I desired it to be good. I wanted something people would remember and care about.

Where in Oklahoma are you from?

Altus. It's a little-bitty town 10 minutes In the Texas border.

Describe Altus been there.

Shitty. Most folks would think it's a black hole. People try to depart but keep getting sucked back in.

What does your household do out there?

My father owns a glass shop. My mom stays at home And cooks amazing food.

Just like a glass shop that sell bongs and pipes?

No. He does shop fronts, like company Windows and repairs.

What about your brother?

My brother's a subway Ranger at Altus. He's a Full-time redneck, but he is the man. His name's Billy Bob. I am not kidding.

I recall Billy Bob attempting to get us go noodling. What's that?

Noodling's where you swim along a river bank And stick your hands hoping there are in them. The fish snacks on your fist, and then you push your fist down the fishes' throat and grab its guts from the interior.


Do you do much hunting Park ranger?

I go dove hunting a Great Deal, with my brother and My dad. I try to go anytime I'm there. Fishing and hunting are probably my favourite things about going back to the sticks.

How about the Altus playground? Who built that thing?

Big B. He a Landscaping business there, and he also skates. He's been working on the park since I started skating. He's put a great deal of work in and built it. He got a in his yard.

Since you're from Oklahoma, have you ever Ridden a bronco a bull, or a different horse?

I have ridden a horse before, but it's been a while. When I had been infant we had one, but my brother got bucked off so that my parents got rid of it and broke his arm. By the time I was old enough, we did not have some horses.

What's it like being on a Birdhouse trip?

Birdhouse trips are the best holidays you Could potentially have. Five-star hotels.

Can Willy always wear his seatbelt van?

He is tight. He is going to put on his seatbelt. http://www.cross.tv/blog/77265

Is as cheap as everybody says he is?

I drank one of the Arizona teas, and Then attempted to give him two dollars for this, which is double what it's worth. He's still bummed on me personally.

Can you ride the Huck Jam ramp and pad up?

I don't to. I leave Jaws with that Hale. That's usually the time when I am trying to grab some sleep under a tree.

Can you really go to school?

I did, and that I graduated. I am glad I ended school. I really don't want to struggle to communicate with people around me.

Although a few individuals are idiots -- it is good for kids and it's not likely to help them anyway.

Know anyone who went into home school?

Home school ... a few turn out okay, and Others are turds who do not understand how to function in normal society.

Why do your black trousers look like they Have spider webs all?

I sweat out a great deal of salt. There's a high Percent of salt in my sweat since I put salt. It makes everything better.

Your mom's quite the cook. Describe an ideal Dinner day.

For breakfast, let us say chocolate chip pancakes. Lunch is subs. For dinner, it is all out: We're gonna have steak, possibly eaten meats, cheesy fry casserole, homemade rolls, collard greens ... And for desert we are having banana pudding, for certain.

Since there isn't much to skate I See you have built a barn ramp installation. It appears pretty gnarly. Most guys build shit for their training centre. Did you make everything so significant?

 Since I wanted to have off I guess Each time I am back home. When I am not there, tons of my homies stay at my house and skate it.

What's a good incentive for you to land a Trick?

First off, you throw some teas down. Arizona tea functions. I am gonna be heading for this. If this doesn't work, you gotta throw up "the dude." It's going down.


You say "dude" and put your fist up. You haveta go to it.

What kind of car would you drive?

A Dodge Charger that my parents purchased for me When I graduated high school. I gotta come up on something else because it's got a gasoline situation.


I got it up to 120, somewhere around there. I Do drive that fast. I am not in too big of a hurry. https://medium.com/@skateszone/how-to-choose-a-good-skateboard-for-beginners-b6e9e0d0f6e5

Why do you volunteer to drive all Night?

I like all night, driving. It is relaxing. I'm Usually so it is a great time to have to myself. I do a good deal of driving to California and back so I am used to driving long distances.

Any tricks to staying up?

You receive flaming Cheetos and nothing to Beverage. That's exactly what I do. First sunflower seeds, and then it is on into the sexy Cheetos method, when those wear off.

Ever fallen asleep at the wheel?

For short amounts of time. There was this Super long stoplight near my house. I would make it almost all the way home, and Fall asleep at that light. I attempt to stay awake. I'm fine with perishing There are cooler ways.


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