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AIDA64 not working with RTSS on UWP games


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Hi folks.

I've been using AIDA64 and MSI AfterBurner + RTSS (Riva Tuner Statistics Server) for as long I could remember.

I'm  using AIDA64 with iPad 2 (Remote LCD).
AIDA64 shows framerate (from RTSS) on my iPad 2. However, whenever I play Microsoft UWP games such as:
- Forza Horizon 3
- Forza Motorsport 7
- Gears of War 4
framerate report on AIDA64 stays at 0 FPS. (RTSS runs and report fine on my PC monitor). And other games (for example, games from Steam) shows no problem in AIDA64 showing RTSS framerate on my iPad 2. It only seems that UWP games are affected.

Is there anything I can do to show RTSS framerate in AIDA64 for UWP games ?
MSI AB v4.4.0 Beta21 is used with the latest version of AIDA64.


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Ok.  An update for the record.

I learned that UWP games can't export the info to outside applications due to them running inside a sandbox. If you look into MSI AfterBurnrer monitoring window while running a UWP game then you'll notice that there are no framerate/frametimes from RTSS there either.  This means that RTSS cannot export framerate/frametime data out of UWP games.  Hence, no framerate data shown in AIDA64 when UWP games are played. 

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Thank you for the info.  Yes, sandboxing is a cruel mistress, and it's not possible to get around it.  Hopefully one day Microsoft will implement its own FPS and OSD feature, or implements an API that can go through the sandbox...

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