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Licensing for future


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I find AIDA64 very nice and want to buy it.

But I have a question about the licensing. If I buy now the license for Version 1.x, what will the option when you realese Version 2.x near future?

Must I buy a complete new license with full price? Or can I use the license for Version 2.x?

Thank you for your help!

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AIDA64 licenses are not version-limited, but time-limited. Hence if you buy a license that entitles you for 12 months of free upgrades, it means for the next 12 months you can upgrade to any AIDA64 releases, e.g. v1.90, v2.00, or even v3.00. After the 12 months expire, you can still use the last version you upgraded to, for an unlimited time -- but you won't be able to upgrade to new releases anymore. If you want to extend your maintenance (upgrade) period, you can buy an upgrade license anytime at 70% cost of a new license.

There're additional options to buy a longer maintenance period, e.g. 24 months at 1.5x price of a regular 12 months license, and 36 months license at 2x price of a regular 12 months license. Upgrade licenses are also available for both 24 months and 36 months.

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