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Very complicated problem

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Hi. I started to have game crashes and blue screens then I started to search what it might be. Then I ran some MemTest86 and aida64 tests. I have 2 sticks of ddr4 ram. Corsair vengeance 3000mhz. 

When I test them 1 by 1 with both slots I didn’t get any MemTest86 error but I got plenty when I use both of them at the same time.

Then I started to test them on Aida64. 

When both ram was on the pc I got hardware failure in 6 mins then I clicked on start again and got less than 3 mins. Then I took of the second ram and let ram 1 alone it gave me hardware error in 2 mins. Then I swapped rams. Let it ran for 15 mins didn’t get a hardware failure thing. Then I put back the one that gave me error. It passed 14 mins and still running. How can I understand if my problem is ram or not? 


Both ram froze the pc for like nothing was displaying but a colour. I used ctrl alt delete to get task manager and test is still running. 

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I suppose the issue may not be your memory modules, but rather the timing settings you have configured in your BIOS Setup (UEFI Setup).  Try to use less agressive settings, e.g. up the Command Rate from 1T to 2T as a start, and see if that helps.  Also, make sure to update your BIOS to the latest stable release.

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