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Ubports Openstore avaiblity


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Hi, UBports https://ubports.com/  is maintaining and developing the Ubuntu touch os, and there is a strong community starting around it, a lot of developers and porters interested in system info have asked about the availability of your program after Canonicals app store has shut down.

The new app store is here: https://open.uappexplorer.com/

If possible could you make the  click package available to the open store, or even here on the forum?

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AFAIK OpenStore doesn't accept app submittals that require special permissions and that are not open-source.  Due to its nature of being a sysinfo/diagnostic tool, our app requires special permissions, and we're not planning to publish its source code.  Hence I don't think our app can ever get to the OpenStore.

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The documentation (https://open.uappexplorer.com/submit) on the OpenStore website clearly states that:

Rules for Submissions Requiring Manual Review

- Send us a link to a branch for your app to our mailing list or our telegram group. along with some instructions on how to build it if they differ from the standard (Ubuntu SDK).
- Give a short explanation why you can’t publish the app without extra privileges. No need to go into details, a one liner like "needs to run a daemon in the background" will do. List all the special features you have, if there are more.
- If an application could be published without manual review if it wouldn’t be for that one cool feature, publish a stripped down version! Not everyone will want to install apps with less confinement.
- Only open source applications allowed for manual review: As the applications might have arbitrary access to the device, every manually reviewed app will get a source code review.

Since our app would require a manual review (due to the special permissions it has to request), the last point applies to it.  And since it's not open source, it cannot be submitted to manual review.  So effectively, it cannot be published in the OpenStore.

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Actually, the AIDA64 app doesn't need to be unconfined (even if it has some special permission) so you can upload it to the OpenStore without requiring a manual review, so without the need to publish the source code (but if you changed idea and want to publish, it's welcome ;)) and choosing a proprietary license (as said by @mateo_salta)


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18 hours ago, Mike0 said:

Can I have an answer, please?

I'd really like to see AIDA64 on the OpenStore as it means lots of user can use this great app again!
You can upload AIDA64 as a regular app with proprietary license, it doesn't need manual review

btw, now OpenStore has it's own domain https://open-store.io/

OpenStore rules still dictate that only open-source apps can get to the store that require special privileges.  Since our app requires special privileges (due to being a sysinfo type of app) and it's not open-source, it cannot get to the OpenStore.  The community behind the OpenStore needs to change their rules in order for be more welcoming to non-open-source apps.

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