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Failing aida64 stability test


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Hi, i'm having issues with aida64 stability test, more precisely when testing with memory enabled if disabled it runs fine, otherwise it freezes my computer.

I've run memtest86 that took over 25 hours to conclude and reported no issue and same thing for Windows MemoryDiagnostics. I'm able to run prime95 with 122gb of 128gb ram memory enabled for days and never had a single problem.

My system specs:

Tyan S7050

Xeon E5-2667 V2 (x2)

128GB (8X16GB)  ECC DDR3L rdimm 

Corsair Ax1200i psu

Noctua NH-U14S coolers...it rarely goes over 40ºC full load


Do you think i have faulty hardware or is aida64 playing on me? because i never felt any stability issue and this rig works hard, it is never powered off just rebooted for the occasional windows update, yet it freezes within a couple of minutes after starting aida64 stability test with memory enabled, aida64 starts allocating ram to the point my web browser itself starts displaying error messages that it doesn't have enough ram to open a new tab and shortly after that it completely freezes. 

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AIDA64 memory stress test is supposed to allocate almost the entire free physical memory amount.  You're not supposed to browse the web while the test is running, since the stress test will not leave enough free memory for other processes to work properly.

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