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Licence Transfer + LCD Display


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Hello, I have an AIDA64 Extreme Upgrade with 3 years maintenance license purchased a year ago. I will be replacing my regular Sata SSD containing the OS with an M.2 SSD so I want to know if I have to deactivate the license or something so I can use it again once I install my new drive. Also, I have a Logitech G19s keyboard with a color LCD showing my system's information but I want to replace that keyboard so I want to know if the following USB monitor will get the job done: 


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1) You don't need to deactivate your license.  Just take the PKEY.TXT file that holds your license information, back it up and restore it on your new system/SSD. You can also transfer your existing AIDA64 settings (incl. your LCD layout) by backing up the file called AIDA64.INI.  You can find both files in your AIDA64 installation folder.

2) The USB display you've mentioned seems to work as a regular USB-connected monitor, so you can expand your Windows Desktop onto it.  Hence you won't need to use the External LCD module of AIDA64, but instead the SensorPanel.  You will need to migrate your LCD settings to SensorPanel.  Let me know if you need assistance doing so.

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