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Some Variables Don't Set Everytime I Reboot (Gigabyte X99-UD4P)


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I reboot and some items I have used do not load


Basically, I have a Gigabyte ga-x99-ud4p motherboard and the follwing are 'iffy' to load:


Mother board name, sometimes, loads as 'Gigabyte will fill in'

memory temp


pch temerature

Fan#1, a chassis fan


With the exception of the first one, the remainder do not even show up in the selection list


I am running on a Samsung 87h with your driver, and a few times, one reboot, it doesn't even start, with the screen going into 'select a mode' screen, instead of just coming up.


And finally, what does 'package' mean? Like 'cpu package'?  My cpu1-6 are around 39, but cpu package is 46


Thanks, cool system!!!!!

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