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What does core GT mean?


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I have a Intel Core i-7 2630QM processor and AIDA64 shows some sensors that I don't know what they are

core GT

Core IA

core package

How they are different from

Core #1/ Core #1

Core #1/ Core #2

Core #1/ Core #3

Core #1/ Core #4

any idea?

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Interesting, you mean there is an integrated gpu inside the cpu and another outside the cpu?

The laptop has Radeon HD 6550M GPU and Intel Core-i7 2630QM

But there is no switch to select any of them and I think always the Radeon is working.

One more question

What is "CPU package"? I noticed there is another sensor named "CPU". What is the difference?

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Your processor indeed has an integrated GPU, but it may be disabled due to an external GPU (Radeon).

CPU, CPU Package, CPU IA Cores, CPU GT Cores, CPU #1 / Core #n are all measured by different diodes, either internal ones built into the CPU, or via external diodes managed by the notebook motherboard. We usually recommend to watch only the CPU #1 / Core #n temperatures, since those are the ones managed by the Intel DTS technology that prevents your CPU from overheating.

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