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Current dip and surge during stress test (Asus Maximus X Code + i7-8700K)


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So I have done a few aida64 stress tests with the same bios settings I have used during the test I am writing about. This one, however, was my longest stress test (3 hours) and is the first time I encountered this "hibernating mode".

So at about the 3 hour mark i noticed the rgb for my h115i pro started to cycle instead of stay static at what i set it. I go over to my computer and notice the numbers in stats monitor on aida64 and hwmonitor had stopped moving. I thought it crashed and what not so I move my mouse and it essentially "wakes up". Like it was hibernating (I turned all of that stuff off but didnt know i had to use a command prompt to totally turn it off).

So all is normal again (temps and voltage are still all the same) and I sit back down and about 30 mins later this happens again. I move the mouse and again it "wakes up" (the screen never shut off either). This time I look at the currents tab graph and am greeted with a major spike in the cpu wattage...252.5!. It was off the chart. That's like 5.2-5.3ghz territory. I look at the stats tab and hwmonitor and the other currents (ia package and core pacakge) are normal along with all temps and voltage...no spike to match the cpu current spike.

The cpu is running fine so far and I haven't noticed anything concerning to anything but my ocd won't let this go hah. Im hoping....really hoping...it was just a windows/aida bug or something.

I didn't get a picture of the graph but here are the stats. *edit - this pic was taken after I stopped the test.

8700k 1.168v 4.7 all cores

Asus maximus code

Seasonic prime ultra 850w gold


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That spike was probably just a glitch in the communication between AIDA64 and the EC (Embedded Controller) chip of your motherboard that provides the "CPU" current and "CPU" power readings.  While the "CPU Package" and "CPU IA Cores" readings are provided directly by the CPU, and there's no communication issue possible there, fortunately.

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