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Starting to test my computer


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I just bought Aida64 extreme edition because my computer keeps crashing (and it beeps everytime it does) and I wanted to find out where it comes from. I have been fooling around with the software for quite some time now but can't seem to find what the problem is.

Is there a How to or any indications on what I should be looking for in the test results ?

Best regards,


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That beeping may be due to overheating. Try to launch the AIDA64 System Stability Test (in AIDA64 / main menu / Tools / System Stability Test). Uncheck (disable) the CPU, cache, memory and disk tests, to have only the FPU test checked (enabled). Then press the Start button. Watch the temperatures: the CPU temperature shouldn't exceed 70 Celsius even at under such heavy load. Also watch the bottom graph for CPU Throttling activity (in case you have an Intel processor). When an Intel processor is overheating, it shows non-zero throttling activity.

In case the temperatures show very high values, or your CPU shows throttling in the System Stability Test, your CPU is definitely overheating under heavy load. In case your computer suddenly restarts, powers off, throws a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) or freezes while running the System Stability Test, then you have a hardware malfunction.



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