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What is "normal" for laptop?

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Hi, thank you for such a tool for computer testing, recently tested a laptop, which is Lenovo Yoga 720 15" with 7700HQ CPU and nVidia 1050 GPU,

I expected it will be loud but will not drop the frequncy, but here I see that

it is weak to my opinion because with CPU test it is getting hot very quickly and drops clock frequency to 75% jn4z0w


and temperature looks like this: jn4zlf


If test with stress GPU, then CPU clock goes down to 50% frequency: jmzfet


My question is it normal even for thin laptop? I guess not I just want to be sure, thank you for your help.



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Yes, it's normal for a thin laptop.  The drop of CPU core clock speed is normal for low-TDP processors like mobile CPUs, especially for the ones put into thin cases.  The CPU has to obey the tight TDP limit, and under heavy stress the only way to do so is to lower the working core clock frequency.  The other constraint is the thermal issue: once it crosses the limits, the CPU will either throttle or keep lowering the CPU clock speed to prevent the system from overheating.

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Maybe it will help somebody else. No it wasn't normal for this laptop, now everything is running on 100% as it should: http://prntscr.com/k78aqz

I just set this setting inside BIOS: https://prnt.sc/k77t7s

So thermal control is set to performance now and it works,

otherwise there is no reason to have more powerful processor if it gives you 75% of the power only.



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