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Problem With LCD Smartie (aida.dll not working anymore) (Crystalfontz CFA634)


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I was using Aida 64 together with LCD Smartie Software on Win 7 64 for years now.

A few weeks ago i had to install Win 10 64 home prem. Since then i cant get Aida 64 running together with the LCD Smartie software.

I have a Crystalfontz 20x4 CF 634 LCD Display with USB To Serial Adapter Com Port 4 Baud Rate 19200.

Since the Win 10 Install i can get LCD smartie running proper but when it comes to the Aida64 show pages then an error occures "Can not load lpugin" The Plugin is named "Aida.dll"

Ok so i tried the LCD Support in Aida 64 directly...  I switched to Crystalfontz LCD Support..... there it shows "USB Device not found"

As i cant move on i registered here in the forum asking for help..

My Aida Software Version is 5.92 Extreme i guess .and LCD Smartie Version is 5.4 i guess.

Sorry for my bad english.. i try my best....

Does there exist a newer Aida.dll for LCD Smartie or is it somehow possible to activate the CF 634 in Aida directly...

Best regards....

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The LCD Smartie plugin is not our product or development, so I can't help you about bugs or issues about it.  As for the LCD, it should work directly as long as the combination of display and USB-to-serial adapter is supported by AIDA64.  It'd be very useful if you could send us an USB Dump where we can check what sort of USB-to-serial adapter solution you have connected to your serial LCD.

Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> System Debug --> USB Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first.


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