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Top 5 Games like 4x4 Jam HD




4x4 Jam HD by Invictus Games is a Third-person Racing video game for mobile devices. This game gives you an opportunity to enjoy the off-road racing experience. During the game, your ultimate task is to dash through these huge rivers, jump over your opponents and roll down massive steep hills to show off your racing skill. While playing the game, you can challenge your opponents or other online players on the rainy meadows and try to become the master. There are many cool vehicles for you to select, drive and each of them has its own individual statistics. At the starting, you will select a favorite car then jump into these races and compete against the opponents or AI-controlled characters with a simple task to defeat all of them using your racing experience while performing stunts to earn some points. The game has two modes Career and Quick Race.


4x4 Jam HD

And now, take time to check our list of Top 5 Games like 4x4 Jam HD. They will never make you feel disappointed. Roll down to read more!


  1. Earn to Die

First, we have Earn to Die. This famous game by Not Doppler is an Action, Racing, and Single-player game for Android and iOS devices. The game is set in the cool post-apocalyptic environment where you play the role of a hero to combat against these zombies. According to the game’s story, you are stuck in this unforgivable world, and you must drive for your life. There are many cool cars, each of them has unique capabilities and specifications. In this game, you have to drive as long as possible to earn money. Use money to upgrade your engine, fuel tank, suspension, and buy some weapons to kill zombies. One more thing, Earn to Die has ragdoll physics elements, remember it!


Earn to Die

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  1. Zombie Road Trip Trials

The second games in this list of games like 4x4 Jam HD is Zombie Road Trip Trials. Create by Noddlecake Studios Inc, this is a great Racing game which supports both Single and Multiplayer game modes. The game is set in the cool imaginary worlds and presents many different vehicles. This game world is full of zombies and you are the last hope of human. Select your vehicle, jump into this zombie-apocalypse world, and kill as many zombies as possible. You will play from the side-scroll aspect, trying to collect coins, and run as far as possible to score the points. Use your points to upgrade these engine, suspension, petrol tank, and weapons. Try to reach the end of each level and unlock better vehicles as well as new features.


Zombie Road Trip Trials


  1. Beach Buggy Blitz

Created and published by Vector Unit, Beach Buggy Blitz is a marvelous Racing game. The environment of this game is set in a stunning environment; it offers a fascinating gameplay with endless driving element. The game challenges its players to drive their vehicle as far as possible to get the points. During the game, the players can collect the coins along their way to upgrade the car, unlock new vehicles and better items such as Boost, Coin Magnet, Checkpoints, or Shield... Beach Buggy Blitz comes with many cool cars, and you have to unlock them during the game. With the customization feature, you can paint and modify your car. Interesting, right?


Beach Buggy Blitz

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  1. Racing Fever Moto

Now we go to the next game - Racing Fever Moto. This is one of the best games like 4x4 Jam HD that I have played! Developed and published by GameGuru, Racing Fever Moto is a Bike Racing game with the Single-player mode for Android devices. The game is set in a beautiful environment where you control the main character - a rider. In this game, there are four camera angles to support you and more than sixteen cool motorcycles available for you to select. At the starting, you can pick up your cool bike, modify it then start racing against your rival riders. The four gang leaders in this game will be your opponents, and your final task is to defeat all of them.


Racing Fever Moto


  1. Zombie Derby 2

The last game in this post is Zombie Derby 2, another game that is related to zombies. Created by HeroCraft Ltd, this is an excellent Racing, Shooter, and Survival Mobile game. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic game world crawling with these bloodthirsty zombies. Come to this game, you play the role of a remaining survivor who is a driver and can fight against the zombies. At the starting, you have to select your vehicle and equip it with some powerful weapons then jump into the zombie game world. Explore the cool environment, use powerful weapons to kill zombies and collect the coins. Use your coins to unlock new vehicles and better weapons. Good luck!


Zombie Derby 2


Final Verdict:

This list of Top 5 Games like 4x4 Jam HD can call your attraction from the first login screen. But, if this article is not enough for you, let’s visit our site coolgameslike.com to read more.
Reference : https://coolgameslike.com/

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