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Custom Report from Audit Manager

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11 hours ago, Danethz said:


I have collected info about 20 PC in database.

Can I make report about only 5 selected computers?

Thanks :)

No, it's not possible.  Unless you use a SQL database manipulating tool to temporarily remove 15 out of 20 of the computers from your database.

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23 hours ago, Danethz said:

Thanks for reply.

Sad about reports. 

Pls help me with understanding:

How can Aida help solve the following task from management:
What computers are used in the sales department?
What computers have less than 2GB RAM?
Which computers in our network are over 5 years old?

1) It's impossible to detect whether a computer belongs to a certain department, unless that information is encoded in a software or hardware component.  E.g. if all computers belonging to the sales department are part of a certain workgroup or Windows domain, then it's easy.  If there's no such identifier encoded, then you may want to add that information to the systems of the sales department and then use AIDA64 to gather that information via the Audit Manager.

2) Load all reports into the AIDA64 Audit Manager, click on the Preferences toolbar button, select the Components tab, uncheck everything, expand HW Components, check the component called System Memory Size, press the OK button, click on Statistics 1 (Wide) in the left menu, and you can see the list of system memory sizes in your organization with their respective computer names.  Now, if you want to have a more compact view, you can use Ctrl + left-click or Shift + left-click to select multiple items in the list of memory sizes -- for example all memory sizes that are less than 2 GB -- and then right-click --> Join Lines to collapse the list.  In the Computers column you can still see the full list of computers belonging to the memory size category (group) that you've created via lines joining.

3) What software or hardware property do you have that reflects that property of the system?  It's impossible to detect that based on a single time-stamp, but you may go with the OS Installation Date property (among SW Components in the AIDA64 Audit Manager).  That property may not be all that useful for Windows 10 systems though.  Otherwise, I'm not sure where can you find the age of the system encoded into a computer of yours...

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