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Multiple Display Sensor Panel


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When using Sensor Panel on multiple displays, when you disconnect a non main display in Screen Resolution of Win7, the Sensor Panel does not move to the main display. You have to enable the other monitor and move the Sensor Panel before disabling the extended monitor.

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Do you mean you have a secondary or tertiary monitor, e.g. a LCD TV connected via DVI or HDMI that you sometimes disconnect from your computer?

If that's the case, then please let us know more about your system configuration. What video card do you have? Do you have your Windows Desktop extended to join all displays to a single wide desktop?



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Wasn't sure where to post this question except here.  Was the only topic I saw related to multiple displays, which I feel is the cause.


Initially installed 4.20, and spent hours tweaking to my taste.  Really enjoying it.  I recently upgraded to 4.30 to see if this would fix it, but NO.


I have three identical monitors set up for surround (Acer H236HL).  I use AMD Catalyst presets to switch between my two main video modes.  1920x1080 (x3) for normal use.  Monitor #1 is the main display, with the display extended to #2 and #3 (attached screenshot).  The other preset is for surround monitor gaming.  With bezel correction, the custom resolution becomes 5900x1080 (x1).  For a few weeks, the Sensor Panel was working fine.  But somewhere it just decided to quit showing up, and I noticed it while swapping video presets.  The presets were removed and recreated to see if that was the problem.....NO.  I initially thought maybe it was still there, just off the screen (bottom or far right).  I have since tried to go into the Preferences and make the Sensor Panel transparency 0% and the size 1920x1080, to see if I could get it to show itself on any of the monitors. The Sensor Panel setting is set to SHOW.


Also, OSD is no longer showing up either (and it's set to SHOW also).  AIDA64 is running minimized with no errors.  Where are the panels?  Everything else is working fine, including the LCD keyboard monitor.


What do you need from me to better understand my issue?


Running Windows 7 Ultimate.  GPU is Radeon R9 290X.




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It's quite possible that the panels are shown, but outside the visible Windows desktop area.  You can move them to the desired location by altering the SensorPanelPosX, SensorPanelPosY, OSDPosX and OSDPosY values in the Registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64.  It's not the most user-friendly method, but it should help in your case to make your panels visible again.




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