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Using PC during AIDA 64 stability test?

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Hello, can i use my pc during this testing, because as far as i know i must test like 6 hours or more to get general idea of stability. Now the problem is, i got no time to watch at my pc like 6 hours, because im busy and i want to spent that time using my pc.

Here is my conf if thats important to know...

I7 2600K@4.8 - 1.375 vcore, NH D14 cooler.

Crucial C300 OS & 2x Samsung F3 Spinpoint in Raid0.

Cooler master 1000W psu.

and only 2GB ram at the moment (im waiting my 8GB stick to arrive)

Now can i use the stability test with only 2 gigs of ram? how does surfing etc, affect stability tests? does it make it harder, or less reliable? please some info about this, thanks ;)

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We generally recommend not to use any other software or process while running the AIDA64 System Stability Test, since it may mean AIDA64 cannot stress all cores equally hard at all times. So we can only guarantee the maximum reliablilty of our test if you don't use your computer for other purposes.

If you can't afford to not use your computer for several hours during the day, then you can also let it run by night while you're away from your computer.

2GB RAM is more than enough for our test to run properly.



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