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HP Microserver AMD 785E chipset


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I've recently bought a HP Proliant microserver due to the exceptionally good cash back offer

As I'm probably going to use it for network storage I thought I would give Aida a whizz on it

Heres what I've found so far

When I first install windows XP on the machine it doesnt recognise the SMBUS and installs no driver

Aida shows the hard drive sensor information

When I install the latest(and seemingly ONLY) official AMD drivers for the SMBus Aida becomes unable to see the hard drive temperatures

If on the otherhand I install Windows 7 which finds drivers for all the built in hardware Aida can still see the hard drive temperatures with the win7 SMBus driver installed

At face value that seems like the SMBus driver for XP is "flaky", but I was under the impression that Aida read the hardware information and sensor drivers directly rather than by querying system drivers. So I would have thought it should have picked up the hard drive info whether a driver for the SMBus was installed or not or am I mistaken in that assumption?

Other than the hard drive temperature it seems to pick everything else up flawlessly which just makes it seem even stranger


Perplexifuddled from the UK ;)

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AIDA64 reads sensor information from sensor chips directly, except for the hard drives (and SSDs) ;) It's not safe to communicate with disk drives directly, so AIDA64 uses standard Windows API calls to read SMART information and disk temperature. However, there are some SATA controllers that has such drivers that don't expose the standard Windows API interface necessary to read SMART information and disk temperature. In such cases AIDA64 will try to access the drives with alternative, manufacturer-specific SATA driver methods, but it won't work in every cases.

In other words, reading SMART information and disk temperature is very much driver dependant, and that explains the differences you can see across various Windows versions and installations.

BTW, SMBus has nothing to do with reading SMART information or disk temperature ;)



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