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GPGPU RTX2080 ti FE Result

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Parts: RTX 2080 Ti (Micron memory) on Zenith Extreme.

Water-cooled under Watercool's Heatkiller 2080ti waterblock; custom loop with D5 pump x2/ Hardware Labs Nemesis 240GTX x1/ 280GTS XFlow x1.

I wasn't monitoring Gpu frequency and temp. But I assume the 17 TFLOPS FP32 result isn't reliable due to software issue.

The last GPU on this system, which was a Vega 64 strix, secured a 13 TFLOPS as expected.

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Thank you for posting your results.  RTX 2080 Ti has a theoretical single-precision floating-point (FP32) performance of 11.7 GFLOPS at 1350 MHz (base clock), or 13.5 GFLOPS at 1545 MHz (boost clock), or 14.2 GFLOPS at 1635 MHz which is indicated by the video driver of your video card.  In case your video card can push its GPU clock further than the indicated 1635 MHz due to GPU boost, the resulting 17.2 GFLOPS could well be accurate.

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