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AIDA64 LCD display freezes my pc since i enter power saving mode via non activity


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I'm currently taking advantage of AIDA64 by programming my LCD keyboard to display images and I'm pretty satisfied. However, one problem made it extremely uncomfortable, the problem being my pc freezes when i enter power saving mode for no activity. my keyboard stops working, and the display stays static while never being shut down until I plug it off. If i restart the computer, the keyboard would stay the same and i get stuck on ASUS logo. 

My system:

CPU: i7-4790


Graphics: EVGA RTX 2070 XC ULTRA

PSU: FSP Hyper K 600W

SSD/HDD: Samsung 840 PRO series/HGST Deskstar HDN7240

Keyboard/Mouse: EVGA TORQ Z10(programmed with AIDA64)/Mad Catz R.A.T.4

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Same problem here. ASUS P6T WS Pro with Logitech G19 keyboard. Meaning completely different chipset, different keyboard = same problem. If i turn PC Off in that case /by pressing power button for 7sec./ keyboard changes color randomly i.e. keys backlight became red /or any other random color/ and stays ON even when computer is Off. When i power ON the PC again keyboard obviously resets and color scheme returns to normal.

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It seems the driver of those keyboards have difficulties handling a power-loss while AIDA64 is talking to the keyboard.  We're not sure what can be done at our end.  We follow the protocols of those keyboards, and we try to disconnect from them gracefully when a suspend/restart/sleep event is triggered.

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