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Ghost Temp


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I had a temp sensor which I used to sense the ambient temperature of my room. It was taped to the side of my case. I recently switched cases and did not attach this sensor yet. The OSD now has a ghost temp that reports nothing and will not disappear. This happens when i remove fans I had monitored as well.

Happens when I do not untick these things from the option menu before removing.

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In certain unfortunate cases such issues may happen due to a glitch in the hardware monitoring module of AIDA64. We'll try to improve that in AIDA64 v2.00 that is due in a few months.

Until then, if you can identify which item is it, you can manually edit the AIDA64.INI file, and remove the OSD item(s) that cause the issues. I know it's not a sophisticated method though ;)



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