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AIDA64 crashes after finishing Software Report


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13 hours ago, Rido98 said:

When i try to get the report on HTML, it completes the report then crashed when i try to view it. If i do it on plain text, i get the "Out of Memory" error.

Does it crash if you disable Include debug information in the report in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Report?

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On ‎10‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 8:56 PM, Rido98 said:

Hi Fiery,

I disabled Include debug information in the report as you requested, but i am still getting the errors.

Thank you.  It must be due to a memory leak on one of the 100+ pages that AIDA64 offers.  Problem is: without knowing what exact page causes the issues, it's difficult to dig deeper into it.   Please try to narrow it down and try to find the one page that causes the memory leak on your system.  My guess is that it will be one of the software-related pages, so I'd start with the Computer group (in the left menu), then Operating System, then Server, Display, Multimedia, Network, DirectX, Software, Security, Config, Database.  If none of them causes the memory leak, only then I'd check the hardware-focused groups: Motherboard, Storage and Devices.  If you right-click on one of the mentioned page group names, you can make a quick report, so you don't have to hassle with the Report Wizard and can quickly step through all those page groups to find the culprit.

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