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CMOS baterry voltage


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20 hours ago, Lawrence said:



1) How can I check the voltage of the CMOS baterry, without  extracting it from the PC  ( a software )?


2) The steps to replace a CMOS baterry ? How I extract it from the PC ?


Thank you

On some (but not all) systems AIDA64 reports the CMOS battery voltage as VBAT Battery voltage on the Computer / Sensor page.  If it's not there, you need to try to find it in the BIOS Setup.  In there it's usually shown on the PC Health Status page or H/W Monitor page.

Replacing it requires a full power-down of the PC.  Disconnect the power cord as well.  You can remove the battery without any tools and virtually any CR2032 battery can be used as a replacement.  Make sure to check the old battery though after removing it, that it's really a CR2032 part.

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