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incorrect jedec and xmp timings table


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13 hours ago, dontbugme said:

For example DDR4-2133P can operate at 1067 MHz with CL15 and CL16.
And there is no 1037Mhz frequency

AIDA 6.20.5300

Here is JEDEC JESD79-4 specs for 2133 memory

Correct values for my module is

(Thanks Thaiphoon Burner)

AIDA64 lists the maximum frequencies a memory module can operate at any given CL level.  It helps you to understand the true capabilities of the memory module, as reported by its SPD or XMP.  Since you can select memory frequencies between JEDEC standard frequency levels, the way AIDA64 reports the memory module capabilities in my opinion is superior to what Thaiphoon Burner reports.

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