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Hp T5540 Sensors...


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The HP T5540 has no Fans, that's correct. I am not sure about the 0,053 VCore: it seems me too low,

even for a VIA C7-M ultra low voltage processor (non-ulv VIA C7 models need about 0,8 Volt)

The voltage does btw. not change under heavy CPU load.

The HP T5540 is a thin client, maybe the voltages are different from usual desktop systems?

(It has an external PSU which provides 12V/4,16A to the thin client)

Too bad that the thin client has no temparatur sensors :(


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I think your motherboard simply doesn't utilize the sensor features of the VT1211 chip, so all readings should be ignored :( In case you can ask HP directly about that, please let us know if there's a trick we should use in AIDA64 to make the readings work.



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