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AIDA64 v1.20 is out!


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The new release brings a fresh look with Windows 7 style icons, introduces a few improvements about modern Intel and AMD processors, and supports the latest AMD and nVIDIA graphics processors.

New features & improvements

- Preliminary support for Intel Sandy Bridge processors

- GPU details for AMD Radeon HD 68xx and nVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

- Support for USB 3.0 controllers and devices

- Windows 7 style icons

Major bug fixes

- Control Panel applet issues under Windows Vista & Windows 7

- Memory Write benchmark on Intel Dunnington, Gulftown, Westmere

- L3 cache bandwidth measurement on Intel Core i3/i5/i7

- Installer package elevation issues under Windows 7

Website enhancements

AIDA64 Extreme Edition quickly became an indispensable utility for hardware reviewers all around the world. On the new AIDA64 Testimonials page professionals from Hungary, Russia, UK, and USA explain how AIDA64 helps their everyday job while analyzing and benchmarking various PC hardware components.

Licensing changes

Following the requests coming from early AIDA64 adopters, FinalWire today extended the limitation of AIDA64 Extreme Edition license usage. From now on, a single AIDA64 Extreme Edition personal license can be used by a single person, on up to 3 computers. With a single license it is now possible to run AIDA64 Extreme Edition e.g. on a desktop computer, on a notebook, and on a netbook as well.

In the AIDA64 Online Store now AIDA64 is available with 2 or 3 years support & maintenance period. With the extended maintenance period FinalWire customers are entitled to receive technical support and free AIDA64 updates for 2 or 3 times longer than what the regular license permits, while enjoying a substantial discount.

[ Press Release ]

[ Download ]

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