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Request: Report Using A Slaved Hd


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I'm a PC Technician and have been using Aida/Everest for many years, especially the report function. When a customer's PC comes in for work, I'll run a full "before" report, do the work, and then run an "after" report. Works extremely well.

However, in some cases, the customer's PC will not boot up and I end up removing the HD and slaving it to another PC in order to save the customer's data. Is there any way that an AIDA report could be run pointing at the slaved HD's Windows instead of the local Windows? I know that AIDA's monitoring and hardware-related items would not be valid in this scenario.

There are tools available that provide limited and specific info from a slaved HD, but none provide the comprehensive, all-in-one-place reporting facility that AIDA has.

Is this something that can be done now (I couldn't find anything in the documentation) or could be added? (Pretty please! :) )

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