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G15 Lcd More Options?


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firstly this program is awesome, i used to use a bunch of other tools like CPUZ HWmonitor etc but this program does all those AND MORE, truely one of the greatest programs ive seen.

infact the program is so complex in understanding it all that i dont think ive scratched the surface of its features!

ok onto my question :)

having got the G15 ive been looking for "the perfect app" for my lcd screen, the only one thats come close to this is "LCDSirReal" however i feel this program has the potential but im wondering if i can get some other features onto my keyboard that i think need to be looked at.

i think a FPS monitor would be ideal for people like me who is always intrested in their pc's performance.

sound levels (percentage of the master volume)

these are the ones most likely to see implemented however i do have a few other suggestions id like to put forward.

itunes/media player/winamp "now playing" with a time bar to see how far though the song you are in?

Ventrilo/TS support to tell who is speaking whilst im in game (useful for large clan wars)

skype support? see who is calling you or latest message.

email support? telling me how many unread messages i have

i know this is probably a long shot but i really think it would benefit most G15-G19 users at the very minimum but im not a programmer and i wouldnt know how difficult it would be to see these features but i cant fill 4 pages of hardware data (temperatures speeds memory usage etc) all the information i need and use can fit on one or two pages, i feel like the remaining two are a waste...

what do you guys think about this?

thanks in advanced and again, great program :)


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I'm sorry, but we don't plan to implement FPS monitoring anytime soon. As for the rest (like Winamp, Skype, Media Player) I believe they're out of the scope of our software. Winamp, Skype and other 3rd party software should implement built-in support for G15/G19 LCD, or Logitech itself should provide a plugin in the Logitech G-Series LCD driver package. In fact, as far as I know, Logitech already provides support for at least Winamp, indicating the place in the song playing.



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certainly there are other lcd apps for these jobs but the ability to condense all those into one single app is ideal. many other apps have incorperated ts3 and vent into their programs as well as a mail(POP) scanner to see your unread mail count but master volume doesnt seem to have been done.

i have been searching only to find logitech do not have support for itunes. it says that it does however i have no success using their "logitech media display" in fact logitech's latest driver update for this keyboard doesnt seem to work well at all.

i was hoping to hear more opinions of peoples use of the program for how they display their information whether its gadget or lcd display :)

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